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It all starts with a warehouse full of unscathed, cleaned and treated party rentals that you can choose online with just a few clicks. It continues with award winning customer service & lightning fast shipping to any event in NY, NJ & CT.

For 30+ years we have been providing parties near you with our 5-star rated services. Almost nobody has been doing this longer than A1 so rest assure you are in good hands. In-fact, our brand proves it – that’s because A1 would appear 1st in the classic bulky YellowPages (which listed in ABC order) we used to use before the internet if you’re old enough to remember those.

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The Party Rentals Breakthrough
Your Dream Party Is Now Affordable. Fill Cart & Submit For A Quote or Click Below.
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The Party Rentals Breakthrough
Your Dream Party Is Now Affordable. Fill Cart & Submit For A Quote or Click Below.
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The Party Rentals Breakthrough
Your Dream Party Is Now Affordable. Fill Cart & Submit For A Quote or Click Below.
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We Create Perfect Events

Party Buster NYC has been serving the party rentals industry for over three decades, earning the trust & confidence of every major party planner and event concierge in the city.

We offer everything you need to turn an ordinary space into the event of your dreams. We specialize in weddings, corporate events and parties. We offer fast shipping, quality items & affordable prices.


Staging & Flooring


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  •  Plan how many guest.
  •   Make a budget
  • .  Book the venue for the event
  • .  Make a wish list for, chair, tables, linen, etc
  • .  And you contact A-1 Party & Tent Rental. With the best customer service to help you with the best prices.

Yes. Our minimum for deliveries is based on the area and borough of the delivery, time, conditions, and is subject to change. 

You can come to pick up from our store at 1111 Rogers Avenue Brooklyn NY, 11226 

Reservations become a contract when a deposit is received and when the rental agreement is signed. For pick up in person, we need a New York State I.D. and a Credit Card. For phone and on-line orders, we need a major credit card and a signed credit card application sent to us.

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    Turn Any Empty Space Into New York City’s Top Party Hall

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    Your Dream Party Is Now Affordable.

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    Party Buster NYC has been serving the party rentals industry for over three decades, earning the trust & confidence of every major party planner and event concierge in the city. We offer everything you need to turn an ordinary space into the event of your dreams. We specialize in weddings, corporate events and parties. We offer fast shipping, quality items & affordable prices.

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    Led Furniture

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    Party Buster NYC Presents: Party Essentials

    How To Choose A Table Rental

    When putting hard work into organizing an event, the tables and chairs are sure to play a crucial role in the setting, the way in which people socialize, and setting the right tone and ambiance of the environment. Most people don’t understand or just plainly do not think of what a major role a table can play in these situations. It definitely will influence the feeling that the party or gathering will have.

    Rectangle Tables

    A rectangle table usually puts off the vibe of a more casual and laid back setting. These can be lined up side by side in long rows and can be creatively arranged into the shape of larger rectangles. Because of this, this type of table is commonly used for family oriented or picnic events. This is not the choice you would want to make if you are attempting you give off a more professional feel or when you are seating a large number of people.

    Banquet Tables

    Banquet tables come in various different sizes ranging in length, height, and weight. These can actually be a type of rectangle or round table. We’ll get into round tables later but rectangle banquet tables are used for seating in tighter environments like small backyards, banquet halls and inside homes. Ultimately taking up less space, allow for more people to sit around them and even on the ends, creating even more seating.

    Cocktail Tables

    Cocktail tables are an excellent choice to place around a bar area or the dance floor. They are also perfect for events that don’t involve large meals like a full lunch or dinner. These are better suited for when just small foods and drinks are in the mix. They also bode well at the beginning of a formal event when serving appetizers and cocktails before ultimately moving to a different location or room for the main formal setup.

    Round Tables

    After you have moved the cocktail table into the next destination where the main event is planned, a round table is more than likely the best choice for this type of setting. This indicates a more formal feel. Since everyone is seated closer together and it is easy to face everyone in this setting, a round table is ideal for conversation engagement. There are several different choices that you’ll be faced with when attempting to set the right mood for your environment at the event. Tables give off an unconscious and unnoticed message when done right or wrong at a social gathering. They can sometimes be the decider of how the party starts or ends. If your guests are not comfortable, they are surely going to be harshly tasked with having a good time, bringing the mood of the whole event down. But as long as you get it right, people will more than likely never give it a thought while subconsciously knowing that their party or event was planned right. Follow this simple guide to make sure that you never get it wrong again. Ready to shop & or choose? Visit our Brooklyn Table Rental Showroom today or shop online on our table rental page now. Party Buster NYC offers our clients the most extensive selection of event rentals available in the five boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens & Staten Island). We offer lightning quick and unscathed delivery anywhere in the greater metropolitan region.

    Tent Rental Factors in NYC:

    For outdoor events like parties or weddings, the proper tent can be the cornerstone of the day. In the cold New York winters, a totally enclosed tent can help provide warmth and shelter from the cold winds. In the summers perhaps the pole tent suits the event best, having open sides but still providing protection from direct sunlight and heat with its canvas roof. The climate is just one factor to consider but just as important is the amount of people who will be attending, to ensure the appropriate sized tent is ordered. We can help provide estimates based on the expected attendance and the size of the area where it will be set up so you will have one less detail to worry about on the day of the big event. We have you covered.

    What Kind Of Chair To Rent?

    We have nearly every type of chair imaginable so your party. Simple metal chairs might be the best solution for a more casual environment. There are also more elaborate wooden chairs that come in different designs and colors.We have options for everyone, even infants with high chair rentals. Be sure to check out our chair catalog or reach out to us. When the big event arrives whether indoor or outdoor, everyone will have a place to sit.

    Big Apple Corporate Events Made Easy With Party Rentals

    Whether it is dinner gatherings, holiday parties or product launches, corporate events are one of the best methods for team building and showing appreciation to employers. But when faced with this task, where do businesses and companies turn when attempting to successfully and legitimately assemble these kinds of experiences? The new trend, especially in New York City, is to hire an event planner in a process that is commonly known as a party rental. From farm tables and rustic looks to more extravagant experiences with china and table linens, essentially if you can dream it, these party rentals can prove to deliver it. Companies are following suit behind one another in the movement in using corporate events as a means for networking, better employee and partner rapport, and simply showing appreciation for what their employers do. This makes for an all around better experience in the workplace. NYC is one of the most prominent places that this trend seems to be happening. With many choices of outdoor locations and indoor venues, New York City makes for the perfect place to host these types of events and even more for these types of event planners to be able to aid them in this process. The companies that specialize in party rentals are able to deliver specific party rental equipment such as tables and stackable chairs in many styles, china plates and virtually anything that you can think of to request. They often even lend services such as valet services, catering, and other chauffeur types of benefits. This makes it certain that a company throwing an event has all of these high tier options as well as anything in the lower means of choices and everything in between. Many of these party rental companies that tend to higher profile clients even have specialties in crowd control. Pipe and drape room dividers, stanchions and ropes are just some of the methods that they can use to suit the client’s needs. This makes the environment fully controlled as to where the guests ideally are supposed to be located and keep unwanted patrons out of the way or away from the festivities. These types of larger corporate events frequently require large staging and elaborate lighting. Showing no faults, party rentals if requested can come fully suited with platforms, high quality lights, and podiums that completely take care of these needs. With this trend on the rise, it seems that business for the party rental companies is in very high demand and is very lucrative. Likewise, Corporations and even small businesses will not have to worry about finding the right people to service their event as there is much competition in the party rental community to ensure that clients get exactly what they want every time. Furthermore, New York City is one of the best, if not the best markets for this type of service. With no shortage of people and companies, as long as competent team building and appreciation are on the executive’s radar and using corporate events to do so, it seems that for now at least, this trend is here to stay. Call Our Professional Corporate Party Planners Today For An Event That Will Make All Your Colleagues Sing To Your Tune.

    Turn Any Empty Space Into New York City’s Top Party Hall

    Did you know that any open space you can think of can be turned into the party hall you always dreamed of? Did you know that a “mobile” party costs about a third of a traditional one in a hall? Party Buster NYC has revolutionized the rental industry in the Big Apple by providing an all in one solution that equips you with anything and everything you need to turn your backyard or parking lot. From staging, to flooring to punch bowls, we rent it all including cotton candy machines. Thought of something which you can’t find on our website? Fill out the contact form or call to ask about it as there is a good chance. So whether you’re looking to have a Bar-Mitzvah, Wedding, Corporate Event or just a fun party, think smart- think party rentals.